Hi, I’m Will. I write about innovation and live in the San Francisco area.

I worked in a Fortune 50 corporate innovation lab where we thought about how to drive innovation (aka progress) a lot. I hope to share a bunch of ideas here.

You may know me as a strategic executive, startup founder, angel investor, or voracious reader. I grew up in Tennessee and previously led work in design, product, tech, and innovation at FedEx (future tech), SenseAware (IoT), SurfRate (social search), Talla (bots/ robotic process automation), and BotChain (blockchain solution for bots). I’m an advisor at Singularity University and a member of the Long Now Foundation. I’m curious about technology, philosophy, economics, and the future. I love books, movies, and playing guitar.

Welcome to my home on the web for innovation/ progress studies. I hope you enjoy it.